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 LAN and WAN Network System Support

LAN (Local Area Network) Solutions are an excellent addition to a workplace. Networks allow users to share software and even peripheral devices, thus cutting down the expenses for computer equipment. IT-Doctor can assist your business by setting up a highly secure network. We can also install and implement a server for your network.

WAN (Wide Area Network) Solutions provide clients the opportunity to connect remotely to their offices. This remote office connectivity is beneficial for those clients who have staff working from other locations. A remote user is able to share information and receive information with others at the central office via the network, thus cutting down on other communication expenses. IT-Doctor can implement remote connections to allow for remote service by our IT Specialist to diagnose and resolve the problems without having to come to your place, to save your time and money.

Computer Network System Support includes:

  • Installation and Configuration of new hardware, workstations and servers
  • Installation, Configuration and maintenance of network equipment and devices
  • Server Administration and Configuration
  • Data Management, Data Backups and Restore
  • Network Planning and Implementation
  • Troubleshooting of Hardware, Software and Network Problems
  • Network Documentation and Hardware Inventory.
  • Performance Tuning and Analysis.
  • Software Installation and Configuration.
  • Telephone Assistants
  • Remote Help Desk
  • On-site service and support

Our IT Services and Support Options

Service Contract:

Our support and maintenance packages are perfect for all organizations who needs IT Support on Koh Samui, we will guide you forward in every aspect of your IT and e-business workings. We will inform you of new technologies as and when they arrive and research new ideas on your behalf.

IT-Doctor provides IT services and support on monthly contract or hourly basis is available and customizable fit to your business needs at affordable prices. Please contact us today for free quotation.

Pay-as-you-Go (Hourly basis):

Our IT Specialist based on Koh Samui is happy, to meet you at your place and discuss all the issues which troubles you.

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