Koh Samui Data Recovery Services

Our Data Recovery Service is able to recover or retrieve data from faulty RAID servers, hard disks of desktop, and laptop or notebook computers. They recover data from SATA, PATA, USB, IDE, EIDE, SCSI, hard drives and hard disks.

Integrated Computer Services from us has saved many businesses from failure and complete data loss in every line of business. Regardless of how your data loss occurred, we have most cost effective data recovery solution available.

We have saved data from the following scenarios

  • Crashed server hard drives
  • Un-bootable desktops, laptops & servers
  • Drives damaged by power surges
  • PC data recovery - Blue-screen of death
  • Hard drives which overheated
  • Deleted files, folders and databases
  • Crashed RAID volumes on servers
  • Crashed drives due to mechanical failure
  • Maliciously damaged hard drives
  • Virus infected operating systems
  • Laptops that were damaged by liquids
  • Drives that do not spin up.

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